Metropolitan Bakery | Since 1993

    A great gift idea for foodies, clients, newlyweds, and more is our Bread of the Month program. Choose from three month ($70), six month ($135), or full year programs ($250). Prices include shipping, gift notes, and recyclable gift wrap. Please note that an additional $10 will be charged for subscriptions that include the Organic Miche (May) or Panettone (December). Also, breads are only available consecutively starting with your first month. To order, please call 1-877-412-7323.

    Metropolitan Bakery reserves the right to substitute product of equal or greater value to ensure each month’s timely delivery.

    Multigrain, January

    ​Eleven grains come together to create this hearty and moist sourdough boule. Our multigrain is the breakfast bread for a healthy start to your day and is perfect served with soup and sandwiches.

    Chocolate Cherry, February

    This dark, rich loaf with sundried sour cherries & imported bittersweet chocolate is meant to be shared with someone special…or not. Either way, this bread won't last long. Try toasted or with ice cream.

    Raisin Nut, March

    A sweet, dense bread packed with plump black raisins and toasted walnuts and pecans. While great for toast, this bread goes far beyond breakfast and can be used to create extraordinary sandwiches and cheese plates.

    Cracked Wheat, April

    Broken whole wheat berries give this full-bodied loaf a dense, coarse texture and a bold wheat flavor. It's the perfect complement to hearty soups and stews.

    Organic Miche, May

    Inspired by the world famous bread of the Poilâne bakery in Paris, this organic crusty loaf has a full sourdough flavor and a chewy, hearty texture.

    Organic Spelt, June

    Made from one of the oldest known grains, this organic bread is dense, moist and chewy and is an alternative for those who are wheat sensitive.

    French Berry Rolls, July

    Newspapers and magazines have praised this Metropolitan classic. Our French berry roll is a chewy, light sourdough, enriched with wheat germ and packed with sundried berries.

    French Rye, August

    A seedless, rustic sourdough rye with a moist, chewy interior. Ploughman's lunch, anyone?

    Whole Wheat Loaf, September

    Our healthful whole wheat bread is textured with nine grains and makes great sandwiches or toast.

    Pumpernickel, October

    An Americanized black bread with a grainy texture and the flavor of sweet onions.

    Pumpkin Cranberry, November

    This fall favorite is both savory and sweet, with pumpkin, spices, dried cranberries and our signature sourdough twist. Great with poultry or toasted with butter.

    Panettone, December

    Unlike the dry boxed breads that give panettone a bad name, ours is an moist, tender and flavorful dessert bread packed with fruit and nuts. It will make you a believer again.