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METROPOLITAN BAKERY BREADS & CONFECTIONS are carefully crafted and locally sourced, but mostly just delicious. Since 1993, we've been tempting Philadelphians with handmade breads, pastries, snacks and our famous granola. And now that we ship throughout the U.S.— we can tempt you too. 

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Bread of the Month

November - Pumpkin Cranberry

Pumpkin Cranberry

This fall favorite is both savory and sweet, with pumpkin, spices, dried cranberries and our signature sourdough twist. Great with poultry or toasted with butter. Sign up for Metro's Bread of the Month Program.

Recent Recipes

Cured Salmon with Homemade Cream Cheese

The flavor of cured salmon can be enhanced by the choice of curing ingredients. While sugar and salt are crucial to the curing process, adding different herbs and spices will heighten and change the flavor. Homemade cream cheese is the perfect accompaniment.
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