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METROPOLITAN BAKERY BREADS & CONFECTIONS are carefully crafted and locally sourced, but mostly just delicious. Since 1993, we've been tempting Philadelphians with handmade breads, pastries, snacks and our famous granola. And now that we ship throughout the U.S.— we can tempt you too. 

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Bread of the Month

September - Whole Wheat Loaf

Whole Wheat Loaf

Our healthful whole wheat bread is textured with nine grains and makes great sandwiches or toast. Sign up for Metro's Bread of the Month Program. Or purchase Whole Wheat Loaf Loaves.

Recent Recipes

Potato and Smoked Paprika Croissant

Croissants make great savory dishes as well as sweet. This one combines smoked paprika, potatoes and goat cheese to create a pastry that is both hearty and light, perfect for a winter brunch. NOTE: The dough is the most challenging part of this recipe, but once mastered it can be used for many other dishes as well. Best to read the entire recipe before beginning.
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